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Good California contractors always have good credit. Contractors should also carry insurance, pay taxes on time, and demonstrate that they know how to run a business. In addition, every contractor should have good references! Acquiring verification of such standards is not easy for most homeowners, and that is why the contractor identified in this letter is unique. This company has been screened by The League of California Homeowners (LCH), a non-profit benefit association founded in 1993, by homeowners like you!


Approved Contractor: Meets Requirements.


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The LCH Approved Contractor program grew out of one of the many services provided by LCH to its members, namely, our “contractor screening service.” This service was designed to help our members evaluate home improvement contractors. Early in 1997, LCH was approached by private utilities and lenders who asked LCH to establish a list of “screened” contractors who would thus be allowed to participate in programs initiated for energy conservation. Together with utilities and lenders, LCH created a criteria for what is now the “Approved” Contractor program. Contractors who meet these standards are eligible to participate in special programs designed to promote energy conservation. As LCH is not a trade association, the contractors in the program are not members of LCH. Instead they are vendors who have met program service requirements.Not all contractors who apply make the grade.


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Business is about people and we would not be the leader in CA home improvements without our leadership and support staff.

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