Want more information on Patio Covers?


Design a patio cover that reduces the amount of UV rays that hit you or choose to eliminate UV rays all together with a solid insulated patio cover. You’ll stay cooler and sun burn free during the summer and comfortably dry on rainy days.Having a custom built patio will really add a touch of elegance to your home and bring you a wealth of benefits such as:

  • A patio cover will add to the living space of your home, allowing you to spend more time outdoors, even in the summer.

  • You will notice a 10 degree difference under the shade of your patio cover.

  • A patio cover will protect your patio from the elements.

  • A patio cover will help keep the interior of the home cooler by shading the windows and help reduce your cooling bill.

  • A custom patio will add to the value of your home.

  • Our custom patio covers need very little maintenance.

Disclaimer: * Patio Covers are not covered under the PACE Program through the county of Los Angeles*