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We believe homeowner’s should have the best shingles installed on their roofs. With Owen’s Corning creating the highest quality and most attractive shingles available anywhere, is why we stand behind them with being one of the best in the industry.


Since the revised California Energy code (Title 24, Part 6) that called for increased energy efficiency in homes and commercial buildings went into effect in 2014, local jurisdictions have adopted provisions, programs and incentives to gain alignment. As of January 1. 2015, Los Angeles was the first major city to require “Cool Roofs” on steep-sloped residential and commercials roofs. This is a direct result of Climate Resolves “Hot City Cool Roofs” campaign that pushed for policy and solutions to reduce the urban heat island effect. To encourage the adoption of this provision, the Los Angeles department of water and power (LADWP) is offering a rebate of installation of Cool Roofs.


Cool Roofs may help reduce energy use by using shingles with solar reflecting granules. The energy efficiency of cool roofs is supported by several Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs.